hoop dance instructor and professional specialty act performance

artist with an extensive background in dance and movement theory. Her diverse set of skills include LED hoop

performances, contemporary dance. fire dancing,

improvisational acting and stilt walking.  Amanda has

provided entertainment for some of the biggest

festivals in America such as Oregon Eclipse Gathering,

EDC Las Vegas, Imagine Music Festival and Paradiso.

Beyond her endeavors in her performance career, 

Amanda’s true passion lies with teaching and

sharing her love of flow arts with communities

around the world.  She has instructed classes in

cities across America and internationally in Israel,

The United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Flow

in the Forest Retreat in Canada.  Her teaching style

blends hoop technique, dance theory and body

awareness with the intention to challenge and inspire

her students to express themselves creatively and authentically.

Check the events page to see when Miss Hoopdidoo is coming 

to a city near you!